Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to use this course! Watch first 🎬

    • Introduction to your course area

  • 2

    Introduction to how to start your live show

    • Welcome to the How to start your live show course with Anita Wong

    • Let's get you set up with all the tools and accounts you'll need

    • The Different Types of live Streams

    • Why you should Livestream

  • 3

    Quiz 1 🤩

    • Did you pay attention!

  • 4

    How to Add your Destinations to Restream

    • Add Facebook Page or Facebook Group as a Destination

    • Add Youtube Channel as a Destination

    • Add Twitter as a Destination

    • Add LinkedIn LIVE as a Destination

    • Add Twitch as a Destination

    • Adding RTMP destinations and inside The Studio

  • 5

    Quiz 2 🤩

    • Where will you be streaming to!

  • 6

    Getting started with Restream

    • Introduction to Restream and Getting Setup

    • Capturing your Video And Audio from your Webcam, External Cameras/DSLR’s or Microphones

    • Sharing your Screen, Browser Tabs, Presentations, and More Visuals

    • Branding your livestream with captions, overlays

    • Uploading recorded videos to use inside your livestream

    • Managing your Chats from all the Channels

    • Bringing Guests into your Livestream

    • Scheduling your livestream

    • Scheduling a your reordered videos to 'Go live'

    • How to go Live & what happens when you hit the GO LIVE BUTTON!

  • 7

    Quiz 3 🤩

    • Where am I 🤔

  • 8

    Promoting your Livestream

    • 5 ways to promote your Livestream ahead of time

    • Where to find awesome guests

    • How to optimise your guest booking and onboarding process

    • How to create awesome graphics for your Livestream

  • 9

    Quiz 4 🤩

    • I want eyes 👀 on my content!

  • 10

    Repurposing Your Livestreams and Bonus Videos

    • Downloading your Livestream Replays

    • Analysing your livestream analytics and what to do with that data

    • 5 ways to repurpose your Livestream

    • How to use your Restream Live Studio as a recording studio

  • 11

    Quiz 5 🤩

    • Repurposing your content 🎬

  • 12

    BONUS CONTENT - Making your Livestreams Look & Sound Good

    • Top streaming equipment based on your budget

    • Guest Video - Top gear for your multi-stream live show by Ian Anderson Gray

    • 7 best webcams for 2021

    • Guest Video - What Camera Is Best For Live Streaming

    • Video lighting: Everything you need to know

    • Guest Video - Video Lighting Tutorial

    • Top 5 Streaming Microphones for 2021

    • Guest Video - Audio Mastery for Streamers

  • 13

    Quiz 6 🤩

    • Just for fun! 🤩

  • 14


    • Congratulations

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Straight to the point and short and therefore great.

Francis Nmeribe

Text are clear and readable

Text are clear and readable

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4 star rating

Restreem Course

Julio César Larriega Vargas

I learn new tools, very good

I learn new tools, very good

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Anita Wong

Anita Wong is a Digital Marketing Strategist and educator, specialising in using video to create an impact online for small business owners, entrepreneurs and international brands. Anita focuses on empowering entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.